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What Is Happy Slapping ?

What Is Happy Slap

What is happy slap or Happy Slapping is not a happy go lucky care free term. Although, the term sounds loving and adorable it is anything but. The term is used to describe an attack or a physical attack on an individual by someone else. The attack is often recorded on video, camera or from a mobile phone and is circulated on the internet or via media content, for the amusement and pleasure of others.

Happy slapping is a craze that is popular in foreign countries like the United kingdom. However, the “Happy Slapping” craze is happening in other countries like the United States as well. This type of behavior is upsetting, frustrating, dangerous and quite illegal. Victims are devastated because they do not know what is happening. They are completely blindsided, and do not see what is coming at them at full speed.

Unfortunately, this type of physical abuse is not limited to children; it is also widespread among adults. Individuals in different social circles get together and plan attacks on various individuals. Most of the “Happy Slap” attacks are performed randomly, which causes the attacker to experience some kind of emotional high. An anti – bullying organization called, “Kidscape” is advising anyone is has been or has seen anyone being attacked in this manner to come forth.

Bullying is a serious problem, and it is taking the shape of many types of abuse. Reporting the crime helps, and could land the perpetrator in jail. Children are asked to inform an adult as soon as possible. If the attack takes place in a school setting, children are encouraged to tell their teachers, parents, other adults and even the police if necessary. If anyone has any clippings, photos or footage of any form of bullying, including “Happy Slapping” they are asked to come forward with their evidence, so authorities can find the bullies, and bring charges against them for physical abuse.


What is happy slap? Hundreds of videos are being circulated over the internet, showing victims of the so called, “Happy Slapping” craze. Many individuals are seriously injured in the videos and their attackers are walking away laughing. This type of abuse is catching the attention of officials around the world. In one video a young child is seen been slapped and kicked to the ground by a teenager, as other teens record the attack to their phones, and later upload it to the internet.

The shared videos are homemade by teens that are looking for a good sick laugh at someone’s misery and pain. What is meant to be a joke, a laugh or even a prank goes too far when the victim is seriously injured, and has to be taken to the hospital. Happy slapping is very popular among teens in high school in the United Kingdom, and it is also a fad for older adults, as seen in this video. Adults and children alike, need to be aware of the seriousness of the so called; “Happy Slapping.” This is nothing short of physical abuse, assault and plan outright bullying.

Victims are usually walking or jogging or minding their own business, when they are viciously attacked. Some people are afraid to get involved because they are not aware of what is going on, and they do not want to become part of what they see. Other people are afraid that if they interfere in what is going on, they too might become a victim of bullying or physical assault. This is not any way for adults or children to behave when they see that someone is being bullied for no apparent reason. These videos are often distributed at parties, when everyone is sitting around drinking and waiting for the movie of the day to begin. The same videos are also distributed to worksites, forums, and social media and to personal emails. The victim on the other hand is filled with sadness, shame and humiliation. Officials are looking to put an end to this kind of behavior due to the fact that hundreds of people, children included are being targeted and physically injured by uncaring brutes, who hurt other people without giving it a second thought.

Happy slapping takes place in other locations, such as on the school bus, in a parking lot, in a retail store, in the park or even while sitting on a bench or while walking down the street. All of this is done to the victim, while another person is somewhere close by with a video camera, taking pictures of the entire attack from beginning to end. According to the urban dictionary detailed definition of happy slapping individuals. It says that the attackers are considered to be Yoots or Chavs, which is a ghetto term. The victims of these random attacks are often boys or peers, who are similar in age to the victims they attack.

However, one consolation is that fact that the victims the boys choose to target are not women, nor are they older boys. Sometimes the attacker is shocked, when the victim caught the attacker by surprise. This does not set well with the attacker. What is the purpose of “Happy Slapping” and what does it do to the attackers. The attackers feed off the terror they distribute to their victims. The more power the attackers get, the braver they become and the more people they randomly attack.

Sometimes it is easy to spot a potential attack before it occurs. For instance, people should pay close attention to any group of boys who are walking around pointing their cameras. This is usually a clue to unsuspecting victims that they are about to be on someone’s video.


What is amazing or even shocking is the fact that happy slapping has been around for years and not many people have made a big fuss about it. It could be that many people hear the phrase and ask themselves, “What is happy slap?” Since the attack on bullying practices has come into the light, more and more victims are making their humiliating abuse publicly known. This may in fact, send out a message to bullies letting them know that they are being watched. For years people have endured this form of bullying and have been the victim of suicide, and unspeakable pain.

The purpose behind letting the public know what is going on, and what to look out for, is to put an end to all forms of bullying practices. When bullies know they are under a public microscope and they are in danger of being fined, jailed or penalized they might think twice about attacking their next victim. However, this is a growing epidemic, and the only way to stop it, is for everyone to get involved.

This includes pointing out bullies, presenting videos of people being bullied and happy slapping, and of course letting others in authority know what is taking place. One person can make a difference in the life of someone who is being bullied, tormented and abused. Bullying and other forms of bullying does not begin with children, it also begins with adults. However, the attackers are mostly children and not adults, except in cases where adults are childish and immature. Happy slapping is not a new form of bullying, but it is a violent form of bullying just the same.

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