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Girl Abused Becomes Woman in Torment

Girl Abused

The newspapers remain full of stories about girls abused by teachers in their school class, boys in their neighborhoods or employers at the girl’s after school jobs. The facts are always brutal and the girls are helpless victims of bullying and sexual abuse. Reports to authorities can be made but not necessarily with the desired correction of behavior. A girl abused by classmates or teachers is usually afraid that more severe repercussions will follow if she reports the incidents. Often, this fear is quite justified, as a girl abused who reports the attack indeed can experience more of the same.

Girls are Not Abused More Than Boys in Western Society

The focus seems to be on the girls abused by male peers or teaching authorities, but just as many abuses occur against boys in the same school or neighborhood environment that should be a safe zone of protection. The mores of today and the bullying attacks against children today have to come to a complete halt and cessation. The cause of such bullying and girl abuse and boy abuse by peers and superiors often is found to be related to the behavior within the bullying abuser’s home environment.

Bullying and Abuse a Learned Behavior

A young Florida mother of Lakeland, Florida was being held without bond in the Polk County Jail on two counts of child abuse with bodily harm and four counts of child neglect, the sheriff’s office said. The woman is the mother of one of two girls who are charged with third-degree felony stalking in the suicide of a girl, 12, who jumped to her death from a third-story cement plant structure in central Florida last month after having been verbally, physically and cyber bullied when the girls abused her throughout 2012 and 2013. The abusers are released in custody of their parents. The more recent episode involved the mother of one of the abusers attacking and assaulting young boys. She attacked them with profanity and her fists, and is held on charges of child abuse and assault.

It is a simple matter to see the connection of the inappropriate behavior of the children and the same behavior example set by the parent. Only stricter punishments levied by our authorities against such behavior will succeed in casting the bullying and boy abuse or girl abuse incidents into the Rhoades of eternity where such acts belong. Focus is being shown in schools and organizations for counseling against bullying conduct in efforts to remove boy or girl abuse from our society.

Adult Woman Carries Marks of Girl Abuse

The girl abused today becomes the woman haunted by tormenting memories and nightmares later throughout her life. She can also become an abuser herself, as in the foregoing description of following the examples given her, even the bad ones she eschews and does not want in her life. The woman who was the girl abused in the past can be silent, shy and introverted with serious lack of confidence and spiritual and moral strengths. Counseling alone cannot rescue the tormented woman from the mind of the girl abused, but it can achieve a great deal in correcting damage to her.Technical Contributions to Abuse

The Internet Service Providers Association insists blocking internet access from child abusers would be impossible because of internet-ready mobile devices.The current model for monitoring on would be the Chinese, estimated to employ around 100,000 people to monitor public and private networks. This is not what free speech respecting governments would follow.

Technological Problem Needs a Technological Solution

There is clearly a need for all of these contributors to level up what they do, be they family, supervisors, teachers or even the internet, which plays an incredibly large role. It is easy to describe the internet as impossible to rule; a technological problem in bullying or child abuse requires a counter-tech answer to solve it.

Our everyday lives are magnified, intensified, edged towards extremes, confirmed and fulfilled. Crucially, whatever diversity of the internet, even the most extreme behavior can find a similar one and be normalized. That normalization connection links casual, curious exploration of perversion or taboo, and that horrid spiral that results in the tragic abuse and murder of a child.

Ethnic Backgrounds Play Major Role in Girl Abuse

The international media is well informed about the vast differences in the attitude of girl abuse even by family members under the ethnic social mores of certain backgrounds of Hindi and Muslim structures. This is a difference so vast and separate that one cannot assume to understand the violent girl abuse that is approved and even encouraged by families against their own daughters, mothers and wives. Understandably, this will not be an easy chasm to leap over. This is in the core of such cultures as deeply and intensely as any other their existence. When in the countries that hold such girl abuse illegal, the perpetrators are found guilty of criminal behavior and can be sentenced to prison. This always causes competing views across the media lines, with each party asserting the rightfulness of their stance. This, then, is still another violation of the girl abuse and bullying scenario, and a violation that defies appropriate handling between differing ethnic cultures.

Women’s Refugee Association

Founded in 1989, the Women’s Refugee Association has striven to protect women from rank defiling and brutality in the refugee camps. Around the world, sixty percent of women experience physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime. During war or other crises, such as brutality currently in Syria, risks to women and girls heighten. With the mores breakdown that occurs during emergencies, women and girls are victims of physical abuse , rape and human trafficking. Perpetrators may be family , neighbors or community members, members of armed groups or even trusted humanitarian workers. Even after a crisis, gender-based violence known as GBV continues as communities struggle to heal.

Violence Against Girls and Women Receives Its Annual Day

Finally, the violence internationally against girls and women has received world wide attention with an day appointed to recognize the brutalities against the female gender and proposing prevention or healing of it.

Some of the suggested goals are:

  • Cease forced marriages and especially of young girls
  • Legal representation afforded to girls and women representing their struggles in business, domestic or educational situations
  • Promote gender equality in schools and permit education for girls.
  • End forced early marriage and premature pregnancy, which is the leading cause of death of girls between 15 to 19 years of age. ABAD offers cash incentives to families to discourage early marriages and delay them.
  • Bring greater attention to violence by a partner or spouse. , When a woman is abused by her spouse her claim is ignored because abuse from a spouse is not considered to be a violation of a woman’s rights
  • Revise marriage laws that are biased against women, especially laws that deny women custody over their children, inheritance, and land rights after death, separation or divorce. Kenya now has a revised constitution with unprecedented rights for women.

What Men Can Do

Men in Western society consider themselves sophisticated and beyond the travesties happening in the third world countries. However, there are many acts they can take to protect the girls and women of the globe. One example is to never let violent remarks be made in your presence about a female. Defend a woman’s right to humane treatment and remarks. Do not encourage the distribution of pornographic material that is designed to extol brutality against women or girls. Stand up for what you believe in and against what you eschew as humane behavior. Exhibit proof that your have come beyond the cave man mentality and that you are educated and possessed of dignity and respect for yourself. Encourage the females in your acquaintance to better their education and business experiences. Do not discourage their attempts to increase their knowledge or expertise. Consider respect also a God given right for all women and girls and conduct yourself accordingly. Set an example of dignity and courtesy for the female gender. Be an upstanding man.


The blight of bullying and girl abuse is disastrous, and of course the acts against males, as well. However, the acts of wars, revolutions and refugee abuse increase the brutish violence of the abuse against both sexes. Nonetheless, the acts against girls and women have always throughout the ages been more extreme than that of the male victims. The world must unite if the world is to see an abolishing of gender based bullying and abuse. The world has brought this condition upon us and it is without doubt the world can also remove it from our backs.


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