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Four Deadly Forms of Bullying

Forms of Bullying

Bullying is an emotionally and physically abusive form of punishment and torture. The sad fact about bullying is the fact, that millions of people both young and older are being bullied every single day. There are steps being taken to teach individuals how to identify the various forms of bullying, and what steps they can take to protect themselves and others.

Some forms of bullying leaves victims paralyzed with fear, and unable to function normally at home, at work or at school. Bullying is not decentralized to one location; it is in fact, present in business and home settings, and educational institutions around the world. The National Center against Bullying has identified forms of bullying.

Forms of Bullying: Physical abuse

This type of bullying starts with the bully inflicting physical pain on his or her victims. Hitting, kicking, scratching, biting, spitting on, punching, pinching, tripping, and cutting are some of the painful physical abuse a bully inflicts. To make the bullying process more personal and painful, the bully may go as far as to destroy the victim personal property.

Some physical abuse can land the victim in the hospital. A physically abusive bully is dangerous, and should be reported to the proper authorities. Normally a physically abusive bully might tear the victim’s clothes, throw the victim’s shoes over a fence or push the victim in a puddle of water. The goal of the bully is to hurt and control the victim.

Forms of Bullying: Verbal Abuse

This form of bullying is emotionally damaging. The bully uses insults, offensive language, intimidation, teasing, making racist comments, name calling, homophobic gestures and verbal abuse. Words are more powerful when they are spoken in a negative way. Insulting words enter the mind and the heart and can cut or destroy a person’s self esteem. Verbal abuse is meant to tear down its victim’s character, not build it up.

Verbal abuse at school or at work can be the worse, type of abuse. Insults and name calling, is designed to make the victim feel worthless and useless. Therefore, the bully might use power words like, “Stupid”, “Lazy”, “Fart Face”, or even personal ethnic remarks like “Jew”, “Wetback” or some other type of racial slur.

Forms of Bullying: Covert Abuse

This type of bullying is perhaps the most difficult type of bullying to prove. The bully usually goes undercover, to achieve his or her goals of destroying the victim. The bully is set on destroying or humiliating the victim by posting derogatory remarks on social media networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other places where the population is heavy.

This type of bully pretends to be the victim’s friend, and at the same time is working on a plan to ruin the victim’s reputation. The bully is not beneath spreading lies or rumors. The bully also encourages others in the social group to exclude the victim from social events. Playing jokes and publicly humiliating the victim are part of the bully’s plan to embarrass the victim. Making physical gestures, and mimicking the way the victim walks, talks or go a specific task are all part of convert bullying.

Forms of Bullying: Cyberbullying Abuse

Cyberbullying is perhaps the most popular form of bullying among school age children and teens. Millions of bullies are now on the internet in chat rooms and on social media websites and forums. Modern technology is powerful in the digital age, we live in. A bully is able to send a defamatory text message to the victim, and no one will know, if the victim does not speak up.

Cyberbullying also takes place in a more familiar online media setting, where the victim is usually a part of a forum. The bully enters the chat room and socially embarrasses the victim, by posting unsolicited pictures, derogatory remarks or by simply posting lies. The bully may even go as far as to exclude the victim from chat friendly websites in which the victim is a member, and have all the people in the victim’s group to ignore the victim comments, posts and conversations.

What is Being Done to Identify and Stop Bullying From Occurring?

Regardless of which form bullying comes in, it is still painful when it happens. People who are victims of bullying endure pain, humiliation, torment, and public ridicule until; the victim finally stands up to the bully. The Department of Education and the Early Childhood Development Department is working in collaboration with schools and other educational personnel to help teachers, administrators and other students to identify the four deadliest forms of bullying.

The more people are exposed to the tactics of bullies and their bullying tactics, the less power and control bullies have over their victims. Bullying is an act of violence, emotional manipulation and abuse that affects people in different ways. Most victims of bullying commit suicide or homicide, under the pressure or being bullied.

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