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Eight Selfie Danger Signs Everyone Should Be Aware Of

Selfie Danger

Selfies seem to be the latest fad for people to do, but they do not realize the dangers they are putting themselves and others they love into. However, these dangers that the selfie presents are real and the selfie danger does not go away over night when the pictures are removed. Instead, the dangers can remain for a long period of time, depending on who has the pictures and how many times they have shared the pictures to the Internet for others to see. By being aware of the dangers that selfies can pose, though, people will be more cautious about where they are taking the selfie and what information they are posting with the selfie.

Reveals Location People Are At

Location is key when people are taking a selfie as most of the time people will only take a selfie if they are at a place they want to be seen at. When people are taking the selfies here they are going to be showing off to people where they are at and what they are doing. However, this is also going to show to other people what time they were at the location. By knowing this information, it is going to be a major selfie danger for people because it could lead to a stalker knowing exactly where they are located and what time. To make matters worse is it could be a common location that people go by each and every day, which makes it easier for people to find them.

Shows Information On Their Friends

Typically people will take a selfie with either someone famous or a friend they are hanging out with. This is a great thing to do, but when the information is posted on the Internet it is giving out the friends information as well. So people need to be cautious because they may not realize that they are giving out their friends information at the same time and this could lead to the friend being harmed or even worse the person who is taking the selfie and posting it being hurt because they are associated with the person who is trying to be tracked down. So people need to be mindful about the selfies they are taking and who they are taking them with.

Gives Out Details About What People Look Like

Often people will try to protect themselves and their identity when they are on the computer. This is only possible if they are using the proper caution about giving out details about themselves or others. However, when people are taking a selfie they are going to end up getting their details out in front of people who they may not know very well. When these people get this information it could easily lead to them using the information against the people who are taking the selfie for use other than what the intended picture was meant for.

Something else that people need to realize is when a selfie is taken and posted it gives out clothing descriptions of what they wear. When people are taking a lot of selfie they may not realize this, but it often shows off what kind of clothing they are wearing. If people are taking a lot of selfies they could end up giving out more information about their clothing brands and the stores they tend to shop at and this can lead to a stalker or other person learning more about the people and the patterns they have and the places they tend to frequent.

Provides Information On The Time People Normally Are Not Home

Typically people never think about this, but they often are taking the selfie pictures when they are not home. By taking these pictures when they are not home, people are going to give information to criminals about where they are and the fact they are not home. This information can be stored by criminals to start to find out a pattern about people. When the criminals are getting this information and patterns they can start to predict when people will be home and when they are not going to be home. This in turn will make it easier for the criminal to break into the house and not have to be concerned about someone being home to stop them from taking anything or reporting the crime to the police for an extended period of time.

Lets People Know What Kind Of Actions They Do

People do a lot of different things each day. The problem is these things tend to develop into a pattern and a pattern can easily be deciphered by a criminal who is trying to figure out what they can do to someone or how they can get to them. Something else the patterns with a selfie is going to do is let people know where they are and what kind of hobbies they have. Often people when they are shopping will take a selfie in a new outfit to show off to their friends to get feedback on what they think. This is going to reveal to people that the person likes to go shopping quite a bit. However, people also tend to take a selfie at the gym to show people they are working out. This information is going to provide information that the person likes to work out and possibly even give information on which gym people like to frequent to get in shape.

Depending On What Is Done Can Show Off Names

Sometimes a selfie will be done at work with co-workers. This type of selfie is a great idea, but with most workplaces now requiring people wear name tags, people can easily be giving out their name and the names of other people rather easily. This in turn could lead to them being a victim of a wide range of problems from identity theft to people just wanting to blackmail them for something because of where they are working. Either way if a selfie is being taken name tags and name plates should be avoided, but this is really important when working because sometimes people will want to protect their workplace because of the sensitive nature of their job.

Reveals Details About Family

Normally when a selfie is taken with family members it is going to show off what they look like and how old they appear. Most of the time people do not think about this or mind this information being shared, but sometimes the family is sensitive about this information being revealed. So they will want to make sure the information that is being given out is what they want to have given out and is not going to reveal anything too bad about themselves. Taking pictures in the modern world has become very common place. The problem is a lot of people are taking a selfie and not realizing the risk they are putting themselves and others at. However, by knowing about the different type of selfie danger people will be able to get the right results of the pictures they are taking, but also know they are not going to be harmed at any time of period. Without this, people will have trouble in recognizing the dangers they are putting themselves in each time they decide to take a selfie and post it on the Internet or share with friends.

Selfie actually became “The Word of 2013″ beating out the infamous twerk according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  The definition of a selfie is to showcase a particular part of a body – there are also different types of Selfie!

Helfie – A picture of your hair

Belfie – A picture of you behind

Welfie – A picture of your workout

Drelfie – A drunken of yourself

Shelfie – A picture of a shelf ( yes we know!!)

Bookshelfie – A picture of a bookshelf

And maybe more? Know any more than the ones above - please do share in the comments below!

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