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The Real Effects of Bullying

Effects of Bullying

Bullying will affect both the victim and the bully, in most cases; any witnesses to the act of bullying will also be affected. Bullying has been known to cause emotional damage for years; this damage can be severe and will not only affect the victim but the bully as well. Learn about the Effects of Bullying Now!

The effects of this unsocial act are likely to create mental problems, substance abuse and in extreme cases, suicide. Statistics of teenage suicide as a result of cyber bullying have been rising every day and it therefore becomes very important for parents to talk to their children whether or not they display signs of being bullied or bullying.

Effects of Bullying On the Victim

A child who is being bullied will suddenly start avoiding school, stay home a lot and experience sleeplessness which can trigger mental issues. This is because school will probably be where the bullying is taking place and will therefore be a hostile environment to the child.

Emotional trauma is also a consequence of being bullied. Studies have shown that bullied children are likely to suffer from low self-esteem among other very serious emotional problems like depression and chronic anxiety.

He or she may also start having health problems which may arise from poor feeding habits; this is because bullied children will suffer from a reduced appetite. A talk with the school teachers will probably reveal a drastic drop in performance both in grades and school activities. This is because the anxiety and emotional distress caused by bullying will make it difficult to concentrate on studying or any extra-curricular activities.

Other than school activities, you will find that a bullied child will loose interest in other activities that used to bring them happiness. If this issue is not addressed, all these changes will continue to adulthood.

Effects of Bullying On the Bully

Bullies have a very high chance of becoming violent right through adulthood which will only get them into constant trouble with the law and other bullies as well. This also means that a bully will definitely grow into an abusive parent.

Discussed below are the effects of bullying to the bully or the oppressor:

  • A bully has a high likelihood of abusing drugs, alcohol and other illegal substances in adolescence right through adulthood.
  • Bullies are also very likely to drop out of school, engage in fights and damage property.
  • They are also likely to engage in sexual activities quite early.
  • They also have a high likelihood of abusing those close to them like spouses and kids.
  • Due to their violent nature, bullies have a very high chance of having numerous criminal convictions which will definitely include traffic citations.

The Effects of Bullying To the Witnesses or Bystanders

Witnesses of bullying or bystanders will choose to keep away from the places where the bullying took place which means that if it was school, they will avoid school.

They may also start abusing drugs, alcohol and other substances.

Just like the victims of bullying, the bystanders may experience mental health problems like anxiety and severe depression.

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