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Dealing With Workplace Bullying in UK

Dealing With Workplace Bullying in UK

Contrary to popular belief, bullying does not occur only among children. It is common to hear of bullying cases among school going children in high school and even in other lower levels. The fact of the matter is that bullying also happens among adults. Learn about Workplace Bullying in UK.

Various researches have revealed the magnitude of the damage that any kind of bullying can cause to a child and adults as well. Some bullies who do not drop the habit when they are young grow up to be adult bullies. To them, school never ended and they view the office as another playground where they can continue their bullying tendencies.

Just as the school is the main venue where bullying among small children occurs, the workplace is the main venue for bullying against adults. It is amazing how deep the effects of workplace bullying go.

What is workplace bullying?

It is important for one to understand what workplace bullying is. Being fired, demoted or getting punitive measures taken against you because of your wrongdoing at work is not bullying.

According to bullying and harassment is behaviour that make another feel intimidated or offended. This is unlawful according to the Equality Act 2010. Workplace bullying UK can be mental or physical intimidation from an individual or a particular group of people.

According to Dr. Michelle Callahan, a psychologist who writes for there are various incidences of workplace bullying that can occur. Some of them include:

  • Sexual harassment
  • Making impossible work requirements or demands
  • Being excluded from work activities for no valid reason
  • Making hurtful comments
  • Spreading gossip and rumours with malicious intentions
  • Sabotage where a group of people plot for someone’s downfall
  • Physical violence
  • Giving threats

These are just a few scenarios that can give you a clear picture of what Workplace bullying in UK entails. The surest sign that you are being bullied is that these negative actions are being done to you repeatedly and not only once.

Bullying can also be very subtle. Some bullies use very covert ways to intimidate and bring down others. Covert behaviour like isolating a particular person or excluding them from work activities for no reason may not be noticed by others but they still cause a negative effect on the victim.

Workplace Bullying in UK: Factors That Contribute To Bullying At Work

According to there are several factors that may cause bullying to thrive in the workplace.

Low self-esteem

Most bullies resort to such behaviours to make themselves feel better. Workplace bullies normally have a low self esteem and so they will pick on others in an effort to compensate for their own inadequacies.


People of high ranking positions may bully those under them. The victim will be made to feel lower than the person holding the position above them.

Perceived threat

When some people think others are becoming a threat to the position they hold in a company, they start to bully them. For example, an older person may feel a fresh graduate who has more academic credentials has the potential to replace them.

Bullying causes depression, stress, inability to make decisions, physical injuries and even anxiety or insomnia. In very serious cases it can lead to suicide or even reduced quality of family and home life.

It is the responsibility of every worker within an organisation to fight and stop bullying. This is because the effects will not harm only a single person but the entire working environment as well as the productivity levels of the company.

What to do to deal with workplace bullying

Most victims have a misconception that there is nothing they can do about being bullied at work. Some find it embarrassing to come to the fore and deal with the bully head on. No one should suffer at the mercy of a bully at the workplace silently. According to there are a number of steps that victims can take to stop Workplace Bullying in UK.

  • Get a friend from work that you trust and share with them what you are going through. If there is a counsellor at work, then this is the right person.
  • Every workplace has a policy against acts of bullying. Get this information and use it to your advantage
  • Keep records of all the acts of bullying being done against you. This will help you when you are gathering evidence against the bully.
  • Confront the bully head on and tell them that you do not like how they treat you and ask them to stop. You can do this with the support of another colleague if you do not feel confident enough.
  • You can talk to your supervisor or a law enforcement officer if the case is so severe and nothing seems to stop the bully.

These are some ideas that have worked for others and you can try to make them work in your situation. Counselling services and the law can really help you fight a bully.

Learn more about How to Handle Workplace Bullying and spread the word on Workplace Bullying in UK!

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