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Dealing with Suicidal Depression

People with depression have very high chances of committing suicide. The question that you can’t fail to ask yourself is, “why did they do it?” In most cases, it is impossible to unravel the mysteries surrounding the deceased and the reason for that line of action. But in some instances, it is possible to see it coming. For instance, some people would give prior signs of a suicide. People who hint that they intend to kill themselves mean that they have already pondered over it. Words are only a reflection of what is conceived in the mind. It is advisable not to ignore those early warnings. They might help you save your loved one from untimely death. Learn about Suicidal Depression!

Suicidal Depression Is Preventable

Your loved one does not have to live with depression. The most efficient way of minimizing it is by identifying the risk factors. Doing so helps you device ways of approaching the matter by dealing with it from the root cause. This would be significant in curbing the ever increasing rates of suicide. The over a million blurred lives of those thinking of attempting suicide can be put on the brighter side of life again.

Risk Factors for Suicidal Depression

The risks differ depending on age, social background, and gender. It is also possible for the factors to occur in a combination. Medical research has it that over 90 per cent of suicide cases arise from patients with clinical depression. In terms of gender, men have higher rates of suicide as compared to women. In the USA alone, 79 per cent of suicide cases in 2009 occurred among men.

It is also a fact that some people who die through suicide have a substance abuse dilemma. Other pointers include prior suicidal attempts, imprisonment, sexual abuse, mental disorders, chronic pain, possession of dangerous weapons, exposure to frequent violence, and history of suicide in the family.

Warning Signs of Suicidal Depression

It is easy to spot out a case where one is contemplating suicide. In some cases, it might appear as if the person is only threatening. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, about 50 per cent of people who commit suicide have a history of attempting to take their own lives. Therefore, you should show concern for similar cases as you might just be the one to save the situation. The following should put you on notice:

  • Lack of interest in the things that one cares most about,
  • Extreme sadness and loneliness,
  • Doing things that would lead to death like reckless driving,
  • Frequent reference to phrases like, “I can’t bear it any further”,
  • Abrupt mood swings,
  • Bidding farewell to people when there isn’t a planned journey,
  • One passionately talks about killing oneself, and
  • Updating ones affairs like changing the will.

Below are tips on how to cope with suicidal tendencies and Suicidal Depression.

Don’t Be So Radical

The best thing to do when you have a suicidal feeling is to cool down and wait for some time. It might appear impossible but at that time, just allow yourself some thinking space. Wait for some hours and see if the feeling will still be there. As time goes by, you realize that you are in a position to think straight and see you previous thoughts as irrational.

Stay in a Safe Environment

Get rid of all that might pose a risk to human life from the house. Store them somewhere safe. This is a delay tactic and it works in many cases. When someone is propelled by the mind to do something terrible, there will be no wasting of time when there is a means at hand.

Avoid Substance Abuse

When someone is under the control of drugs, it is very simple to effect what the mind instructs. Those weird thoughts don’t have to become a reality and you can only assert this when you are sober.

Talk to Someone about How You Feel

There are many people who care about you, although at this point you might not be able to figure it out. Look for someone you trust and sit down with them for a sharing session. Whether it’s a friend, or a therapist, they won’t turn you down. As you talk about everything, you realize there are so many positive alternatives to suicide that you were just not seeing.

Do not Despair

No matter how sticky the situation might be, you can be sure that things won’t stay that way forever. A time will come when you will also have a share of happy moments. You will only get there by not wielding to the pressure of suicidal depression. No shame, fear, resentment or any other pressure should weigh you down. You are so much useful to many people when you are alive. Give yourself another chance.

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