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Bullying Videos: Tragic Victims and Heroes

Children Bullying Videos

Why Ask Children to watch Bullying Videos and Cyber Bullying Stories?

Why watch bullying videos on tragic bullying stories? While everyone is working really hard on saving children and teenagers from bullying and cyber bullying, the truth remains that the topic still needs more concern and coverage. Maybe putting a face to the word cyber bullying helps, and everyone needs to learn about Cyber Bullying Stories so we have compiled a list of Children Bullying Videos telling the stories of teenagers and children who took their own lives after being bullied. May they all rest in peace.

The Abby Story

This bullying video is inspired by Jared High’s suicide after his school failing to save him from a school bully, it also tells the story of how in person bullying turns into Cyber Bullying.

The Megan Meier Story

Megan was bullied both online and in person and she fell into depression that she couldn’t escape, she took her life at the age of 15. Click here to read more about Megan. Her life also inspired the film Cyberbully.

The Kristina Arielle Calco Story

A beautiful young girl takes her own life after failing to cope with bullying

Bullycide Deaths

A bullying video containing a  collection of stories and faces of teenagers who fell victim to bullying and cyber bullying.

Bullied to Death

Pictures of children suffering from all forms of bullying, heartbreaking and extremely moving.

The Ryan Halligan Story

Ryan, aged 13, couldn’t cope with being cyber bullied continuously so he took his own life, his father tells his story.

The Daani Sanders Story

Daani Sanders’ story is quite different; this Australian 14 year old took her own life after being cyber bullied.  But the hate and the mean remarks did not stop, plenty of youngsters plagued her in memoriam pages on Facebook, creating a wave of shock across the nation and the world. This bullying video is made by a girl who couldn’t believe the amount of hate and bullying some might still have for a dead person.

My Bullying Story

This beautiful teenage girl tells her story with bullying and ends it with a call for action, all through written cards and no spoken words.

Jayane Story

A story of another victim of Cyber Bullying, motivational yet heartbreaking.

A self harm and bullying video

A girl tells her story about resorting to self harm after being bullied, she ends the video with a motivational message that no one is alone and that everyone can survive bullying and cyber- bullying.

One sister’s dedication

When her sister kills herself after being bullied and cyber bullied, this girl creates a video to set the record straight and tell the real story behind her sister’s suicide.

Holly’s Story

Holly bravely and artistically tells her story with cyber bullying and encourages others to step up.

Harley Jean speaks

This brave 16 year old girl uses pen and paper and her webcam to tell her story with Cyber Bullying. Very moving and encouraging.

A teenage boy talks about cyber bullying

This brave young man talks about cyber bullying and in person bullying in a call for action.

The story of Phoebe Prince

Phoebe Prince, 15, kills herself after failing to cope with cyber bullying, CBS investigates.

Spread the word on Bullying Videos Now, asking your teens to watch those inspiring bullying videos will for sure help put the cases of bullying and the sadness of bullying into perspective. Bullying Videos can also be a teacher’s best friend for educating teens in class about the dangers of bullying

We hope this article on tragic bullying stories and cyber bullying stories is an eye opener for you. We ask you to spread awareness about tragic bullying stories now!

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  • Carol Jacob
    Jun 19, 2013 at 08:15 pm

    These stories should be awareness for every teacher , teenagers , parents and students to learn how to be protected from bulling..they should not be victims , they should have the power to face bulling.

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