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What Are Coping Skills ?

Coping Skills

People go through a lot of stress and trauma in life, so it only makes sense why they would need valuable coping skills to get them through all of that. There are a fair number of coping mechanisms.

Define coping skills

The first question we must ask ourselves is, just what is the cope definition? defines the word as such:
(of a person) deal effectively with something difficult.”
Basically, the phrase “coping skills” is one that is used to describe abilities by a person to deal with a difficult situation. There are a lot of different reasons why someone would have or would desire to have coping skills. These include depression, anger, anxiety, and stress. Besides internal problems, external problems – such as the loss of a family member, a pet, your home, or your job – can be something that people would require coping skills to handle.

Coping skills for children

Children need these kinds of coping skills just as much as we do, so it’s important to set up some coping skills activities for kids. Children often don’t understand things like death, so you need to help them understand. You can sit them down and have them talk about it, or maybe even draw a picture of someone who died that they know. Otherwise, the child may grow up with their emotions surrounding that death bottled up inside them, which can never be healthy. Children, much like adults, are also susceptible to the things we are susceptible to. Children can get angry because someone is bullying them, and the bullying can also compound possible anxiety that they may be suffering. Stress can come as a result of possible bullying in school or maybe even because they have a big test that they are struggling with.

Even further, a child could be diagnosed with depression, severely hindering optimal growth when left untreated. And unfortunately, depression in children is actually often ignored. Parents assume that their kids are just being lazy, so instead of creating depression coping skills to help them deal with their affliction, they tell them to “get over it” and force them to do things that make their depression even worse.

It’s important to make sure that you are educated on all of these problems so that when it seems like your kids may be suffering from them, you aren’t ignorant of what you can do to help. Creating coping skills to help your kids deal with their problems is not only a good thing, it’s something that all parents need to be able to do. Not only might this help children get through their young lives feeling better about themselves and everything else, it enables them to do the same for children if they ever decide to become parents.

Coping skills for anger

When you feel angry, sometimes it feels like it’s all spiraling out of control, which is why it’s important to come up with some anger coping skills. A lot of good anger coping skills are related to control. While it’s important to vent, it’s also important to regulate your anger. One day you could decide to create some anger coping skills by yelling your frustrations at an inanimate object, or you could have a “shout off” with a friend, and the two of you could help improve each other’s anger coping skills while also getting things off of your chests.

Anxiety coping skills

Anxiety can be a trying thing, which is why it is important to have some anxiety coping skills to deal with it. Anxiety can sometimes prevent people from entering social situations, as it can flare up around people. A good way to form some anxiety coping skills is to try and interact with people socially on a small scale – maybe bring some friends to a quiet area of the town, or even just have a nice time at your or their house. Once you begin to feel comfortable doing this, you can try to expand your anxiety coping skills to greater heights, with more robust crowds. Since anxiety IS a disease though, these anxiety coping skills won’t fix everything, so anyone who never feels like they cannot handle dealing with people on a large scale should not feel ashamed. Shame so rarely helps anyone.

Depression coping skills

Coping skills for depression are invaluable to have for anyone who suffers it. Depression is a disease, and as such cannot simply be wished away, but there are good ways to try and prevent it from overflowing and taking control of your emotions. While there is a lot of value in coming up with depression coping skills, it is important to note that depression is a very real disease that affects a lot of people. As such, it should be treated with a great deal of seriousness. Treatment such as depression coping skills can do a lot to subdue it, but if you ever, ever feel that it’s going out of control, you should seek help immediately. It can be a very powerful force in a person’s life, and can not only cause them to lose the will to participate in every day activities, but lose the will to do anything.

Coping skills for stress

Everyone gets stressed from time to time, and in fact, stress can be caused by all of these – depression, anger, and anxiety. So when you’re coming up with anxiety coping skills, depression coping skills, and anger coping skills, you might just be making some stress coping skills at the same time. Stress coping skills are not only limited to those three things, though – stress from work, stress from bills, stress from just everyday life can be the result of something outside of what we’ve discussed. People who face complications in their lives have good reason to be stressed, but it’s important to fight it. Yoga is a really good way to not only improve your weight and health (which in turn can actually lower stress), but it helps make you feel a lot more relaxed and “at one” with yourself. Deep breathing goes a long way as well. There are other good coping skills for stress, but yoga is definitely one of the better things you could try. Low cost and high value.

In closing

After reading this coping skills list, we hope you have come to a decision as to which coping skill works for you best, and have an understanding of the coping skills definition. If you feel that you need more assistance, you can do a Google search for coping skills worksheets, or list of coping skills. No matter what though, the most important thing is to make sure that the coping skills you are using are healthy coping skills. Don’t do anything that may make it worse, or perhaps only delay the effects of stress, anger, depression, anxiety, or anything else. A good coping skills worksheet is important, and parents, those coping skills for kids could do a great deal to make sure that your children’s problems don’t effect them as they grow up.

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