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Bystanders Stop Bullying Through Poetry

Bystanders Fight Bullying Through Poetry

Bystanders who witness bullying and do nothing about it for fear of losing their place in the social hierarchy of the school or playground often experience remorse or regrets if the victim of the bullying is traumatized or commits suicide. Students who are going through these kinds of situations are encouraged to engage in art work or workshops that produce art that addresses their concerns and problems in an attempt to untangle them and make them easier to deal with. Learn how Bystanders Stop Bullying the right way.

Poetry is a very popular resort in such cases. In a way it helps students evolve in terms of language use, it makes them address their feelings in an honest and intimate manner and it defines where the student stands from the bullying issue, the bully, the victim or the bystander. That is how Bystanders Stop Bullying .

In one of the poetry pieces written by a bystander – published here, in a website dedicated to publishing poetry pieces by teens that address their different struggles and causes of distress and anger – the struggle of the bystanders who experiences deep regret and remorse that they stood still as they saw the victim suffer under the hands of the bully is very evident.

The bullying poem tells the story of a bystander who is experiencing regret as they did not take a stand against the bully when they should have. The victim the bystander is talking about committed suicide and the bystander feels somehow responsible for not reporting or interfering to stop their pain. The bystander goes on to narrate their experience as they went to school after knowing the victim had shot themselves in their room the other day as the bullying and pain they were facing at school became too much to handle. The poet talks about how school looks the same but feels different, he/she imagines that most of their fellow students are thinking the same, “What if I were the victim? What if I were the one who ended my own life because it was all too much?”

The bullying poem tackles what should have been done by the bystander, they repeatedly tell us that they could have interfered or reported the bullying they saw happen to the victim and that if that had happened, maybe they could have saved the victim’s life. The regrets of not speaking up continue as the bystander roams through the school and the bystander ends it with a promise to always speak up and report incidences of bullying that they witness as means of fighting bullying in order to avoid further cases of depression, social anxiety or teen suicide. That is how Bystanders Stop Bullying with poetry.

Poetry like this stands on the internet all the time for other people to see. After reading this piece that is written by a teen or a pre teen, the bystander will be able to relate to something someone their age had experienced first-hand and wrote about, that way, they could be encouraged to take a stand against bullying themselves and not wait until someone else starts cutting or slides into deep anxiety or pressure that would make them end their own lives. Written words have great power and they should be used as a main tool in fighting crimes of hate or bullying.

Learn More about the relation between Bullying and Poetry here. and how Bystanders Stop Bullying  through poetry. 

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