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How Does Bullying Start?

How Does Bullying Start

One million dollar question of the world is how does bullying start? If you ask a few different people this question, you will probably get a few different answers. The truth is, bullying can start from many different situations.

How Does Bullying Start?: The Parents

When it comes to bullying, a lot of people blame parents first. A lot of the time, the parents are not connected with their children as much as they should be. Sometimes a person begins to bully others because of their situation within their household. They may come from a single parent home or their parents may have just gotten a divorce. In other instances, a person may live in a poor neighborhood and their parents or guardians may not be handling the responsibility of being a parent in a way that they should. A lot of the time, being a bully is a cry for help. A lot of people find this difficult to believe, but there is a reason why one person will target another and choose to bully them.

How Does Bullying Start?: The Home Life

There are many neighborhoods all around the globe that have a bad reputation. If a person comes from a place where everything is negative, and there is nothing positive to set in their mind, this could lead to a series of problems, which includes bullying. Sometimes the parent or guardian cannot afford to live in a neighborhood where it is quiet and upscale. As far as children are concerned, they are creatures of habit and learn from the things that they see. If they are not instilled with morals, goals, and set on the correct path at a young age, this could be a recipe for disaster later on in their life.

How Does Bullying Start?: Neglect

Neglect is one of the primary reasons a child begins the bullying cycle. In this situation, a child is being a bully because they want attention. They want someone to acknowledge them. Instead of telling someone about what is going on within their home, they decide to use bullying as a form to act out. If this situation is not caught and acknowledged, it may take a while to stop this bullying process. Sometimes parents or guardians work long hours to provide a nice place to live for their children. In doing this, they may never be home or never have time for the child. This could cause a child to find the love and affection elsewhere, which is usually from the wrong crowd of role models.

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Having a Positive Role Model

As you were growing up, you may have had a few different role models that you looked up to and wanted to be like when you grew up. In today’s society, times are a little different. The role models today are not what they used to be. Role models today are entertainers and people a child comes in contact with on a daily basis, and not family members. Due to this fact, they may be guided on the wrong path at an early age.


Although a family may live in a productive and positive neighborhood, a child can make friends anywhere. A school is made up of many different individuals who come from all around one area. This will be children who come from different neighborhoods. Although you may have provided a nice life at home for your child, they are still exposed to negative things at school. A child could get mixed in with the wrong crowd or do bad things just to fit in with a certain group of people.


A lot of the time, the younger child will try their best to follow in the footsteps of the older child. If your older child is on a rampage all the time and doing things that they are not supposed to do, the younger child will follow suit because their older sibling is their role model and they look up to them.

Mental State

Some children are born with mental illnesses and sometimes they do not show until later on in a child’s life. Many children who cannot behave in class and often cause problems are labeled with having a behavior issue. Sometimes a child is not able to discuss their feelings in a proper manner and they act out and cause problems because they do not know of any other way to express what they are feeling.

Here are just a few ways that provide answers to the question of how does bullying start. There are many more answers and suggestions, but these are the primary answers that you will need to know about.

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