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Bullying Lesson Plans

Bullying Lesson Plans

What Should Bullying Lesson Plans Contain

Preparing to teach about bullying can be a challenge because it is a topic that is not covered that much in college or even in schools. However, bullying has become a major problem and with the Internet it has become even more of a challenge to figure out how to prepare kids to deal with the bullies. This is when you should use some bullying lesson plans to help you get yourself organized to teach kids about bullying and what exactly it is and why they should avoid bullying other kids. Each of the bullying lesson plans, should include some specific information in them, which can be easily overlooked without some information on what needs to be included.

Explore the top tips on making Bullying Lesson Plans below:

Grade Specific Information Is Key

The first important step when making up the lesson plans is to make sure they are grade specific. For example, trying to teach a preschooler about why it is wrong to message people and threaten them on Facebook would not work. However, this is true when you are trying to teach a senior in high school why it is wrong to take the toy that little Susie was playing with. Obviously these two should be reversed for them to make sense, but if you are not grade specific the preschoolers could get information that is not meant for them and the seniors could get information they do not need about toys and taking them.

Teach All Kids What Bullying Is

Sometimes kids, no matter how old they are, have no idea what exactly bullying is or what it is doing to other people. By teaching your kids what exactly this is and how you can avoid it, it will be easier to deal with. Then the kids will not have the fall back if they did not know what they were doing was bullying. Instead, they will have to deal with the problem because they were the ones who created the situation after they already knew what bullying was and how it can cause harm. Either way kids of all ages should be taught what makes up bullying and how it should be addressed.

How To Report Bullying Problems

Again this topic will be specific to the area you are teaching in, but generally it will be the same type of reporting system. Since this is the case, you need to make sure all the kids know how they can report bullying and who they should be reporting the bullying issues to. Then they will know for certain the problems will be properly addressed to guarantee the issue is resolved. However, if you forget to include the reporting aspect, the kids may have a generalized fear and not know how they can report the incident without causing themselves some type of repercussions from the bully.

If Something Really Is Bullying Or An Accident

Sometimes this can be blurred in the details, but it is important to know. For example, if Jimmy falls off of the playground he may think he was pushed by the kid behind him. However, this is not always the case as Jimmy could have just fallen on accident. If Jimmy does not know the difference between the accident and the bullying aspect, though, he could report this as he was being bullied when actually the kid behind him was just waiting in line for the his turn to go down the slide or climb the ladder.

What Kind Of Changes People Can Make

Making a change is the next step you need to consider teaching people about. While you have taught more what bullying is, how people are bullied and if it was an accident or not, you need to teach people how to change. This could include providing information on resources that can help them deal with their anger issues or it could be something as simple as getting the kids the resources which will help them know if they are bullying someone. Either way you should provide a step in your lesson plans to educate the children on how to avoid bullying someone and what they can do to change when they realize they have bullied someone on accident.

Bullying happens all throughout life, but for a lot of people it is not even noticed because they tend to ignore the problem. However, if you want to deal with the problem, you should teach people what bullying is and teach them how to empower themselves to avoid the bully all together. To do this properly, though, you need to make sure you have the right bullying lesson plans in place. By having these lesson plans in place, you can easily teach other people from the plans and know they are going to learn from what you are saying. 

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