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Bullying and Suicide: Is There Any Relation?

Bullying and Suicide Is There Any Relation

Understanding Bullying and Suicide

Contrary to popular belief, bullying has a lot of negative effects that many people do not realize. Unfortunately, many individuals have committed suicide due to bullying. Many people are not aware that bullying takes on many different forms. In many situations, bullying and suicide go hand in hand. Before you can take any steps to prevent this from happening, you need to know every component that makes up this situation.

Bullying and Suicide: What Many People Have Come to Believe

A lot of people believe that they are experts on the topic of bullying but there are a lot of facts and details that seem to get overlooked. During the time that older people were in school, bullying only consisted of name calling and a little bit of rough horseplay. In today’s society, bullying has reached new heights. There are several different forms of bullying that all have negative side effects. Needless to say, bullying is not what it used to be, which means more problems and issues are occurring that need a solution.

Feelings, Emotions and Hormones

The majority of bullying takes place in high school. Bullying can occur for several different reasons. Some children come from broken homes, which means that there is only one parent in the home, some children experience genetic issues that cause them to act out in school and other places. There are several other reasons why this instance would occur but these are the primary reasons.

As far as feelings, emotions are hormones are concerned, high school is a place where all of this happens once or more on a daily basis. For most people, high school is the time when many teenagers begin to notice different feelings and have hormones take over their body. When this happens, there usually is not a warning that many teens take notice to. These changes that take place within the body are usually a major shock to a teen and their parents.

How Can Bullying Lead to Suicide?

A lot of people are aware of bullying but they can’t quite make the connection between bullying and suicide. Over the years, bullying and its effects has taken an unbelievable turn for the worst. Bullying has the potential to break down a person’s mental and emotional state. A few days of bullying can be brushed off but when bullying goes on for months or even years at a time, the name calling, picking and fighting can take a toll. Some children set in their mind that they are not able to handle the stresses and problems that each day of school brings, and they start to look for ways out.

A lot of the time, a child will not risk reporting these events to their parents or the staff members, such as a teacher or the principal because this could make matters worse. Regardless of what is said, without proof, not too much can be done. This is the most frustrating factor that comes along with bullying and trying to do something about it. When a child feels that they have no way out, suicide becomes a popular option. When you feel that you are not able to talk to anyone about the events that are taking place and you are constantly miserable on a daily basis, all you want is relief. Due to these factors and feelings, suicide becomes a popular option.

Who Is A Common Target for Bullying?

When you think of someone being bullied, you certainly don’t envision a kid that is bigger than everyone in his or her class being the individual who is being bullied or the kid that makes fun of everyone is the one that this being bullied. When a lot of people think about a particular individual being bullied, they think about a puny little kid that is not able to stand up for him or herself. The truth to this matter is that anyone can become a victim of bullying.

Bullying and Suicide

Bullying can lead to suicide in several different ways. A lot of children do not know how to deal with bullying that occurs on a daily basis and they become overwhelmed and depressed. Children who are in middle school feel alone and lost. Individuals who are in high school tend to deal with bullying a little differently. Individuals in high school may fight things out but may never tell anyone of authority. Suicide becomes a factor when a child is under the impression that they have taken all that they can take and they feel that leaving this world is the only way that they will be able to escape from the daily torture.

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