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Bully Stories: Depression, Anxiety, and Suicide

Bully Stories

It is probably safe to say everyone gets bullied at least once at some point in their lives, a classmate who wasn’t so nice or a so-called friend who made you feel you are ugly or incompetent. But with today’s advancements in technology and the rise of social media, bully stories have gone to a whole new level lately, it is called Cyber-Bullying.

Bully Stories

To begin with bully stories,you must read the following.

Instagram is fun, you take pictures with your phone, add your comments, tag your friends and edit the picture whichever way you desire but for five high school students in Denver, USA,  One Instagram user has created a living hell and an experience they will unlikely forget soon. This happened simply because, one of their classmates decided to take their Facebook pictures and post them on Instagram with captions with derogatory or sexual comments. While this particular boy was eventually arrested through his IP address although he used an anonymous account, the trend of Instagram usage for cyber-bullying is sadly on the rise. Next thing you hear is, your child has symptoms of depression from bullying.

More Bully Stories and the results of depression from bullying

That particular student complained and was heard, but that is not always the case. The most heartbreaking of bully stories is the story of cyber-bullying of Amanda Todd. A 15 year old highschool student who had the whole world in front of her to conquer yet was plagued by Cyber-Bullying.

Her part of our series of bully stories is quite safe, because, Like most people her age, Amanda was always online, chatting, meeting new people through various social media networks like Facebook and Myspace. Some of the people she spoke to told her she is beautiful and beyond perfect then convinced her to show more of her body. So she did. You may raise an eyebrow and feel like she started it all but the truth is, teenagers and children are naive and mostly desperate to be loved and appreciated.

One day, she woke to a message from a boy telling her that if she doesn’t show him more of herself he will send nude pictures of her to her friends and family, she was shocked to realize he had all information about her from her address to her siblings and family names and addresses. The police knocked on her door one day and told her that her pictures have been sent to everyone she knows, ashamed and shocked, Amanda changed schools and moved away and started experimenting with drugs and alcohol in order to stifle her pain, a year later she found a Facebook page made by the boy who approached her. Her breasts were his profile picture. Because of the comments, remarks and judgment she received from her classmates and how alienated she became, She changed school yet again and started cutting herself. At some point, in front of her new school, a group of boys and girls gathered around, shamed her and told her no-one likes her and one of the girls punched her and shoved her to the ground several times while the rest of the group filmed it and laughed.

Trying to cope with what was happening to her, Amanda made a Youtube video of her struggle with cyber-bullying and encouraged everyone to report bullying and cyber-bullies in specific. She asked parents to support their children and look out for them. She, herself, had tried killing herself more than once but was saved until on one fateful day, while she seemed to be getting better, she ended her life.

Bully Stories and Depression Suicide Stories

Felicia Garcia, 15, used social media as a cry for help after getting bullied and at some point beaten up by classmates at her school in Staten Island, New York, while the school officials attempted to help her in numerous ways, she was too far gone on depression and anxiety and the sneering comments hadn’t stopped so, one day, she threw herself in front of a moving train. Days before her suicide she tweeted about depression and bullying and wondered about how a bullied teen can escape. She couldn’t, she took her own life. Her last words on Twitter were ‘I can’t. im done. I give up.’.

Stories of depression, anxiety and suicide as a result of cyber-bullying are on the rise all over the world. Another version of bully stories is the one in Ireland. Lara Burns, 12, Ciara Pugsley, 15, and Erin Gallagher, 15, all took their lives over the span of a little over 2 months after the three of them were bullied on websites such as and other mediums.  Lara Burns sought help from a local suicide prevention center in her hometown and tried to find ways to fight bullies and overcome her negative feelings and overwhelming emotions.

The stories are endless and the tragedy, sadly, continues and yet the above mentioned stories cannot be a reason to throw in the towel and not put up a fight against Cyber Bullying . While authorities are investigating the privacy and safety of users of social networks in an attempt to prevent cyber-bullying, it is also very essential for parents and teachers to lend an understanding ear to children and teenagers suffering from any kind of bullying and to monitor their children’s activity online in a way that allows them to go online protected yet free to discover the world. Remember that bully stories can easily become depression suicide stories. Let’s help our children not become a headline of depression suicide stories today!

Got stories of depression from bullying to share? We would appreciate those depression from bullying and help end the troubling trend of depression, bullying and suicide.

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