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The digital revolution has helped to improve the world in so many ways. First off, there’s a lot less waste from things such as old CD’s, cassette tapes and other analog forms of media. There’s also a lot less waste from paper because so many files are now stored digitally. Another great aspect of the digital age is the unparalleled access to information that people now have. Unspoken epidemics such as the bullying problem are now exposed for the world to see, prompting people to take actions to institute change. Learn real life stories of Bullied Celebrities.

Bullied Celebrities: Bullying Batman

As more information becomes available on bullying, more people begin to admit they have struggled with the problem in the past. Now many world famous celebrities are admitting that they too have gone through a period of bullying at some time in their lives. Some of these celebrities have a perceived invincibility about them, and it’s startling to learn that they could have been bullied before. One such case is that of action star Christian Bale. Bale is best known for his role in the ultra-popular Batman trilogy. Bale may portray a criminal bashing vigilante on the big screen now, but he got his start at the tender age of thirteen in the critically acclaimed film Empire of the sun. Though the movie made the young actor one of the big screen’s hottest stars, it also served to isolate him from his classmates. Bale is quoted as having said “I had other kids kicking and punching me every day.”

Bale, now 40, says he understands how making a film can make someone appear different, but he didn’t understand why he was being bullied when the abuse was actually taking place. It might have been easy to just dismiss this as an isolated incident caused by Bales sudden success. However, there have been numerous other celebrities come out and admit to being bullied as well. Tom Cruise is another Hollywood icon and on screen bad boy. He may not be the most physically intimidating figure, but characters such as Jack Reacher can still out fight several villains so long as his eventual win is choreographed into the fight.

Bullied Celebrities: Cruise Admits to Being Bullied

Mr. Cruise suffers from the learning disability dyslexia and this often made him the target of school yard bullies. Cruise credits having an abusive bully of a father at home with teaching him to fight back against bullies even though he was so scared it made him nauseous. It might seem that future celebrities would be the most popular children in school. It would seem that any kid would marvel at the chance to spend an afternoon with Ferris Bueller. However, having an abundance of talent often times make the future celebrities seem awkward amongst their less talented classmates.

Even More Bullied Celebrities

Steven Spielberg, director of some of the highest grossing films of all time, spoke quite candidly with 60 minutes concerning the subject of bullying. Now one of the most influential people in Hollywood, Spielberg was teased for being a nerd who played the clarinet. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the successful director was once the victim of anti-Semitic behavior in his Phoenix, AZ childhood neighborhood. While these stories are indeed tragic, they have all had relatively happy endings. Unfortunately too many people think the bullying victim is made into a better person for the experience and everything turns out alright.

Bullied Celebrities: Not Just Another Pretty Face

One of the most tragic cases of bullied celebrities is that of Charlotte Dawson. The model from Auckland, New Zealand was one of the most beautiful women in the world. She was a celebrity in her home country, and the star of a very successful television show. Yet in still, she attempted suicide in 2012 after being prompted to do so by trolls on the social media site Twitter. After the incident, Dawson went on a public campaign to warn others about the deadly effects of bullying.

Bullied Celebrities: A Surprising Reaction

Rather than Embrace Charlotte’s message, the public began to torment her and call her a hypocrite. This is because Charlotte Dawson was a judge on Australia’s rendition of the the extremely popular Top Model program. On the show, Dawson would regularly critique the performance and appearance of aspiring models. The sometimes cruel remarks she would make on television led people to think of her as a viable target for their ignorance. Initially, Dawson fought back with a very successful anti-bullying, social media campaign. Even the Twitter-verse was subject to Dawson’s infectious anti-bullying efforts.

It seemed as though everything was going well for Miss Dawson after she recovered from her suicide attempt. Her show was a hit, her message was being broadcast all across the web, she was extremely beautiful and very wealthy. Yet in still, depression set in, getting the best of the 47 year old blonde bombshell. Charlotte Dawson was found dead in her Sydney apartment on February 22 2014, the result of an apparent suicide. Unfortunately all too many bullying cases end in the tragic death of the victim. Even in Australia, the fatal effects of bullying can be felt. If a gorgeous, wealthy, successful woman like Charlotte Dawson can succumb to bullying, what chance does an insecure fourteen year old have?

Preserving Tomorrow’s Youth

There’s no telling how many celebrities may have been among the more than 4,600 children who commit suicide each year. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), more than 1/8 of all teenagers have at least contemplated suicide after being bullied. Bullying is a serious problem with deadly consequences. Perhaps more people will realize this little known fact as more celebrities admit to having been the victim of bullying. There are already a number of schools which are implementing anti-bullying programs and protocol. There are even notions in place that would criminalize cyberbullying which could help to reduce the number of teens reporting bullying online. Hopefully a solution to the pandemic can be found before the world loses another life due to bullying.

Help share these sad yet positively inspiring stories of bullied celebrities now! Remember that bullied celebrities have used their fame to end the plight of other victims. You should use your social media knowledge and good well so that average joes don’t get bullied everyday. 

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