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Anthony Stancl, the name that changed the Lives of 31 Boys forever

Anthony Stancl

2008 was not a good year for the students of New Berlin Eisenhower High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin, the reason being that one of the students, Anthony Stancl, used Facebook to deceive and coerce his fellow classmates into sexual acts with him.

The story began when two girls joined Facebook and started communicating with male students of the school, the girls names were “Kayla” and “Emily”. Showing very attractive photos of themselves to the boys and encouraging them to send nude photos of themselves. Most of the boys jumped at the chance of starting a real life sexual relationship with a girl so they agreed.

Little did they know that there was neither “Kayla” nor “Emily” and that the face in front of the screen was the face of Anthony Stancl, a senior at the school. Anthony used these fake profiles to get some leverage on the boys and then , as one of the girls, demanded that the boys start performing sexual acts on Stancl in order to get with the girls. With this trick, Anthony Stancl got photos and videos of at least 31 boys from his school and blackmailed at least 7 boys into performing sex acts on him.

Stancl initially was charged with a dozen felonies, including repeated sexual assault of the same child, possession of child pornography, two counts each of second- and third-degree sexual assault, five counts of child enticement and one count of causing a bomb scare.

As part of a plea agreement, Anthony Stancl pleaded no contest to and was convicted of two felonies – repeated sexual assault of the same child and third-degree sexual assault. In exchange, the 10 other felony counts were dismissed but considered in sentencing. He could have faced 30 years in prison and 20 years of extended supervision.

He was finally sentenced to 15 years in prison and received a spot on America’s sex offenders list for life.

While Stancl apologized to his victims and their families, the truth remains that this town has been subjected to a horrific case of Cyber Bullying and Internet Blackmail.

While everyone should read this story, it is not meant to discourage you or your children from using Facebook, it should raise some red flags, such as the fact that your photos belong to you and no one else. And that if you think you are being bullied online and in real life, you must report it to your school or your parents, it will save your life and future as well as other people’s lives and futures. Always say no to Cyber Bullying, protect yourself online.

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