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Adult Survivors Of Child Abuse

Adult Survivors Of Child Abuse

Many people who were abused as a child carry the affects of the abuse into adulthood. This can cause lifelong behavioral and other problems. Fortunately there is plenty of help out there for anyone who was abused as a child who is still struggling to come to terms with their abuse. Learn about Adult Survivors Of Child Abuse!


ASCA is an acronym for adult survivors of child abuse and it is an international organization that offers support to these people. Support services are available for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse, as well as physical and emotional abuse or even just plain neglect. Survivors of abuse can receive these services online or offline. There are even special workbooks designed for abuse survivors. As a public non profit organization it runs on private contributions only.


Another support program for those who have survived abuse as a child is the HAVOCA. This acronymn stands for help for adult victims of child abuse. Unlike the ASCA it is run by those who have survived abuse as children and want to help others who did as well. Here abuse victims will find a forum, support groups and even a blog discussing topics such as abuse survivor stories. The goal of HAVOCA is to serve as a reliable resource for those who were abused during childhood. Their slogan states that anyone who has been abused as a child has a right to thrive despite that abuse.

The Healing Place

Nevada residents, or anyone willing to travel there, are often served by The Healing Place. This is a helpful resource for survivors of sexual abuse. It is one of the few places where male survivors of sexual abuse can find just as much help as female survivors.

Though no sexual abuse survivor stories are shared, The Healing Place can help educate the public on symptoms of childhood abuse that often appear in adulthood. Some of these symptoms include an inability or severe difficulty in forming and sustaining personal relationships with other people as well as wanting to isolate themselves from the outside world. Low self esteem and an addiction to drugs or alcohol is also often seen in childhood sexual abuse survivors. Most of the symptoms of child sexual abuse prevent victims from developing in a psychologically healthy way.

One thing that many people are not aware of is that adult survivors of sexual abuse often push themselves into becoming overachievers. These overachievers hide who they really are from other people because they are afraid who they are simply isn’t good enough for anyone. Others set out to do anything they can to take care of everyone else around them and neglecting themselves in the process. Many survivors even go to one extreme or the other either being completely self destructive or trying desperately to be perfect in any way. There are many child sexual abuse survivor stories out there that show why victims have deep psychological problems throughout their adult life.

Medical Symptoms Of Child Abuse

In adults who suffered sexual abuse as a child there are many medical symptoms associated with it, including headaches and insomnia, eating disorders, pain in the pelvis or vagina as well as the lower back and chest, asthma and TMJ syndrome. The psychological symptoms include personality disorders and PTSD, self abuse, panic attacks and anxiety.

Dealing With Childhood Emotional Abuse In Adulthood

Once someone who was emotionally abused as a child becomes an adult there are effective ways in which to cope with the pain. Abuse survivors recommend that victims seek professional help and distance themselves from the person or persons who emotionally abused them, even if it is a family member. Most child victims of emotional abuse receive it from one or both parents. Once they reach adulthood it is recommended that all contact between the victim and the abuser or abusers is cut off completely. Adult survivors are also advised to start keeping a journal where they write about the problems they are going through as a result of the abuse.

Those who were emotionally abused as a child need to take extra care when cultivating personal relationships with others. Though it is important to carefully enter into personal relationships it is also essential that a child abuse victim let those they are close to love them. This can go a long way in helping them heal from the pain caused by the abuse they endured.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors

One type of abuse that not many people are aware of is satanic ritual abuse. This type of abuse came to life in the 1980s and had died about by the end of the 1990s. It was associated with sexual and physical abuse inflicted upon its victims though Satanic rituals. Some people believe that a worldwide conspiracy was put into action to allow the world’s wealthiest people to both abduct and produce children for the express purpose of getting them involved in prostitution and pornography against their will.

Child Abuse Survivor Challenges

Many who have survived abuse as a child are often terrified of visiting the dentist for a number of reasons. This includes a distrust of the dentist, having nothing to do with the dentist’s actions or behaviors as well as the fear of having them put their hands on one’s nose and/or mouth. Often, child abuse survivors are also afraid that they will not be able to breathe during dental treatment and that they won’t be able to swallow either. For some even the act of having to lie down for the duration of the examination causes stress and anxiety.

One way to combat these fears is to talk to the dentist before the examination begins and ask them to agree on a hand signal the patient can give during the exam to get the dentist to stop what they are doing. Those who are uncomfortable with that often just lie completely still during the exam and simply refuse to do anything.

A problem that many adult survivors of child abuse have is that the least little noise or movement jolts them violently. Abuse victims get used to being extremely alert to everything around them and are often unnecessarily jumpy as a result.

In cases of child abuse, especially sexual abuse, most experts recommend that the healing process includes the telling of child abuse survivor stories, usually in a group setting. Victims sharing their stories with each other makes it easier for them to cope as it shows them that other people understand the pain they are experiencing because they have been through it as well.

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