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A Guide To Reporting Cyber Bullies

A Guide To Reporting Cyber Bullies

So, what to do when it comes to Reporting Cyber Bullies? If you’ve made the decision that you’re facing a hostile person, who needs to be confronted and reported to the right authorities; then here are the foolproof steps you need to take in order to handle the situation properly:
First of all it’s necessary to document their behavior, because if you’re reporting to the law enforcement; you have to have valid proof, so be as thorough as you can in recording and filing any harmful messages, comments, e-mails or other forms of exchange that shows their demeanor.

Reporting Cyber Bullies: Online service providers   

How to do so:

1-Don’t respond to cyber bullying messages (as tempting as it is sometimes to react; perpetrators often see the attention as encouragement, in some cases it gives them satisfaction- so it’s necessary to keep calm and avoid fueling their invasion).

2-Keep evidence, record dates, times and descriptions of instances in which it has occurred

3-Save and print screenshots, e-mails and text messages; and use it to report to web and cell phone service providers

4- Block the person

All telephone service providers and social media websites have public contact information which can be accessed- they are mandated to take these matters seriously and if the operator seems indifferent then ask for the manager- Be persistent and know that if they fail to resolve the situation; then this is a serious flaw in their system that should be dealt with accordingly.

In case the harasser does not stop (i.e. they find different ways to approach you or access your accounts or contact details) then this person qualifies as a stalker. In this case it is absolutely crucial to go to the police- they are likely to be dangerous, and need to be stopped before causing any more damage to you or others.

At this point you already have records of their assault, and proof of its’ recurrence. Even if they’re anonymous, there will be qualified professionals who will know how to use the information you provide them to locate the perpetrator.

Saving e-mails with full headers (headers are all the letters, numbers and symbols that you either see at the top or bottom of emails you’ve received); Headers contain info such as the subject, recipients name and email, and info that can pinpoint their location in the real world.

-Last but not least- it’s important to maintain a healthy attitude throughout the situation. It’s inevitable that this will upset you, but don’t let it reach a state where it influences your daily lifestyle or well being. This is someone who is troubled, and it’s not your fault so don’t allow it to consume you.

Instead of focusing on the abuse itself, redirect your energy on what you can learn from the experience and how to overcome it and get better.

Now that it’s over you have one final job, which is to forgive…Forget…and move on. 

Spread the word about reporting cyber bullies now!

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