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A Bully Needs Help as Well

A Bully Needs Help as Well

What would be your reaction be when a teacher or another parent calls to inform you that your child has been bullying another child? Do you think a bully needs help to stop bullying?

Most parents will probably deny this and side with their own kid; after all, wouldn’t you rather believe your own blood than a stranger? This is wrong, every parent who receives bullying complaints against their children should observe their children closely to look for any signs of violence, aggressive behaviour, expressed violence in writings and drawings, destruction of property or cruelty to animals.

If any or all of these signs are evident in your child, chances are that he or she is a bully especially if you have already received reports of this behaviour from other sources.

Now that you have discovered that your child is a bully, what next? The next step should be to help your child or get professional help before it’s too late. Bullying especially when it gets physical is a serious crime that comes with consequences from the law. Obviously, no parent would want the law dealing with their children which is exactly what will happen if they persist with this unsociable behaviour.

To help a bully, the following steps should be taken as soon as possible:

Control violent television shows and violent video games – studies have proven that constant watching of violence on television and from other sources tends to make it “normal” especially in a child’s perspective.

Exposing your children to violence through television and video games will have the following consequences:

  • They tend to be more aggressive and violent.
  • They will see nothing wrong with confronting a teacher.
  • They will fight and encourage their friends to be violent too.
  • Their school performance will decline.

Address Parenting Issues – most bullies come from homes where bullying is done. If the bully gets bullied at home whether by the parents or the siblings, this could be the reason as to why he/she has turned into a school bully.

Attend To Supervision – if there is not much supervision from a parent, the child may have to spend too much time alone at home and use it the wrong way. Try to spend as much time as possible with your children and encourage them to bring their friends home. This will give you the opportunity to see what kinds of friends they have, if their friends are bullies, they may convince your child to become one too.

Don’t work against the school authorities, work with them –visit the school your child attends and talk to the authorities. Let them know that your child has violence issues and seek their advice and help.

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