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7 Ways to Avoid Bullying When In a New School

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It is the habit of some old students to intimidate, threaten and even call names when a new student steps in their territory, i.e., joins the school. Bullies enjoy giving them physical and mental tortures, because newcomers don’t know much about the school’s environment and there is none to support them. Ultimately, most upperclassmen take benefit from that and indulge in the act of bullying. Learn the Top 7 Ways to Avoid Bullying When In a New School!

Of course, no one wants to be bullied. Therefore, to avoid getting threatened or coerced by such students, you first have to keep your attitude strong at all times, with such kind of people. Secondly, you have to grow your friend-network that can support you at every ups and down in life.

Here are some effective and proven ways by which you can definitely avoid bullying when you join a new school.

Say ‘No’ With Attitude

Don’t exercise the adage, “action speaks louder than words” when you are being bullied. If someone is bullying you, don’t behave in the same manner as the bully because that way there won’t be any difference between you and him. Instead, keep calm and try to resolve the matter verbally through a simple yet powerful word: No! Look the bully into the eyes and say ‘no’ to make him realize that you are not happy with his foolish behavior.

Ignore Bullies

As they say, “ignorance is bliss”, the best way to avoid getting bullied is to ignore the bully whatsoever. Pay no attention to what he says, even if it is something cruel about your race, color or ethnicity. Remember, as long as he doesn’t use physical force to coerce you, don’t react. Simply, ignore him as you would ignore a barking dog, since barking dog seldom bite.

Talk To The Administrator

If the situation seems beyond the control, it’s best to back off and consult your teacher, as he or she can best handle the situation.

Moreover, if things don’t work out the same way you expected, talk to the school administrators. Every school has some policies to handle bullies. So, they will definitely take a serious action against your complaint.

Take Legal Action

Acts like bullying is un-acceptable at any case.  If the action taken by the administrator or bully’s parents is not satisfactory, you may involve a legal officer in your case as you have the right to do so if the harm is physical and extremely emotional.

Be Nice To Everyone

Be humble, polite and generous with all. If others would be having a good perception of you in their minds, then definitely you will be having a large pool of supporters. Develop a habit of making friends and try to be an extrovert within your circle. This will surely assist you in fighting against bullies.

Have Courage To Prevent Bullying

Stand up to prevent if you see someone getting bullied in your academy. Try to stop the bully doing so and make him realize what he’s doing is wrong. If you don’t feel save doing it, you may talk to the responsible management in your school who can take serious action against it. Remember that if you stand up for others in their times of need, eventually they will support you in your time of need as well.

Be Confident

When you are going to join a new school, it’s crucial to develop a positive image on the mind of other students as well as teachers. Bullies usually attack those new comers, who seem to be nervous and unconfident. Nevertheless, keep your confident up at all times and don’t let the bully find the courage in bullying you. Good Luck!

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